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Maybe she’s not in the books

Shadow (David Fury)

Shadow - Joyce and a CAT
A gloomy, gloomy episode.

Dreg (Kevin Weisman, Marshall Flinkman in AliasAlias two seasons of fun, fun, fun and then wtf?) fawning over Glory is amusing. "No! No, no, your terrifically smooth one, it is the epitome of ankles. To touch such an ankle would be - but I'm not touching. I'm backing away."..."Dreg, is it?" "Yes. Dreg. Your creamy coolness has honored me by speaking my name. Your voice is like a thousand sweet songbirds that.." "Yeah, I never tire of hearing that..."

Spike is stalking Buffy and in any other show that would be disturbing but in the world of BtVS it seems relatively normal and funny. “Ah, that's the stuff! Slayer musk, it's bitter and aggravating!”

Shadow - Spike sniffing a jumper

I’m not keen on Xander so patronising Xander is squirmy. "An, we talked about the employee-employer vocabulary no-nos. That was number five."

Shadow - Xander patronises Anya

Riley, Riley. I have tried to be supportive but he’s not helping himself at all. If I have learned one thing from BtVS it’s that you should talk to the person you have a problem with and not listen to their stalker or their little sister instead (and then extrapolate the worst).

"My god, are you guys okay though? I mean, did - no one got hurt, right?" "Oh no, thankfully, no, uh, no violence to speak of." "Okay, so, that's good...how did she get away with this bad mojo stuff?" "Giles sold it to her." Anya's whisper is very funny. I have just discovered that Emma Caulfield has a MySpace space and it's interesting...

Riley is being a bit yucky now though it's a nice touch having Sandy return from Doppelgängland before being cast aside in disgust.

The cgi monster is scarier than the animatronic one but that's scary in the loosest sense.

The final shots: what are we supposed to be thinking here? Sorry for Riley? I don't get why the last shot is of him looking forlorn as if he's been deserted for no good reason.

Shadow - Riley

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