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Steamboy - Tower Bridge
Maureen’s mention of Patrick Stewart in Extras (very, very funny) reminded me to write about an interesting film we watched yesterday, Steamboy. It’s a Japanese animated film and we watched the shorter English language version with the voices of Patrick Stewart, Alfred Molina and Anna Paquin. Alfred Molina sounded like Bernard Hill (Andy: Adam won’t know who Bernard “gissa job” Hill is, I said “Theoden”) and Anna Paquin almost ruined the film as the eponymous Steamboy. We didn’t realise until after that it was her fault because we assumed he was a boy but anyway, her/his accent was all over the place. And why? Anna Paquin isn’t going to sell a film.

Steamboy - the first chase

Andy described it as anti-war porn. It left us breathless after twenty minutes but kept topping itself as weapon and invention was produced bigger and better than the last. It looked incredible with beautiful backgrounds and some stunning sequences. Fantastic stuff it you like cartoons, steampunk and gorgeous drawings.

This is what the dreadful The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen should have been.

Steamboy  - shattered glass

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