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I was thinking about the last three episodes of Angel’s season two and it occurred to me that my son - my ten year old son - might have enjoyed watching them. And then it occurred to me that is what was wrong with them. This is an adult show that aired after 9 pm and it was like watching a kids’ show and a poor one at that. I have no objection to another dimension or an alternate universe, I have seen enough Star Treks in my time so that's not my problem. There is no reason why children should have to put up with an inconsistent plot, stupid dialogue, bizarre character development (yep, Cordy loves her visions) and a lack of logic (yes, Wesley would be in charge because Gunn has no experience in waging battle) just because they are children. Moreover, we shouldn’t have to either.

I am getting steadier more and more bewildered at the inconsistency of the series. Are You Now or Have You Ever Been? was an early stand out and when Angel shut the doors on a room full of lawyers in Reunion, I was more than ready for the series to take off. I put up with Happy Anniversary and The Thin Dead Line because nobody's perfect, and even Disharmony didn't make me quake too much and then came Over The Rainbow...

Finally, I do object to Cordelia's costuming: a lot. Joking about it doesn't make it more palatable.

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