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Everybody's in a hurry

Life Serial (David Fury & Jane Espenson)

This a pretty funny episode but it’s surely no coincidence that once again in an episode written by Jane Espenson, Buffy’s friends prove to be not very good ones. Why doesn’t Tara question more where Buffy’s disappears to? Why does Xander seems care more about this job than his friend? On the other hand, in the light of the incomprehensible characterizations and motivations in Angel maybe I should be grateful for the sense that BtVS does make.

Life Serial - SMG is tiny

The trio turn up again and they are funny although the hilarity that is references to porn does my head in but otherwise amusing (‘Stop touching my magic bone!” and “You're insane. You're short, and you're insane.”).

My favourite sequence involves Buffy as shop assistant which works on that irritating bell rift and revisits Buffy’s (SMG’s) finest physical comedy moment from “Surprise”.

Life Serial - mummy hand

“You play for kittens?!” “So, who's gonna advance me a tiny tabby, get me started?”

I love Buffy getting drunk and her off screen bleaahs.

Life Serial - blaah

It’s very nice of Giles to give Buffy money but the Watchers’ Council are a bit naughty not to actually pay Slayers.

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