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The Curse of the Cat People

The Curse of the Cat People

I can see why people link this with Pan’s Labyrinth and are a bit cross because it’s not really a sequel to Cat People. If you treat it as a stand alone piece it works very well as a rather sad story about lonely children (of the junior and senior variety). It piles on the different elements (Cat People, imaginary friends, ghosts, the legend of Sleepy Hollow, etc) which makes it confusing. It is very atmospheric and Ann Carter is just wonderful as Amy. And, count them, six major roles for the women and only two for the men - name any other film that can boast that (but not The Women).

(Aside - why isn't A Tree Grows in Brooklyn in print on DVD?)


The Monster

Seminal horror, indeed, but there are too many stilted non-action sequences with some terrible acting. The sets and the atmosphere are incredible and the sequence when The Monster throws the girl in the lake is genuinely horrific. The final set piece at the windmill is stunning.

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