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Marian, what are you doing in that costume?

Iron Man

I went to see this with raised expectations with endorsements like the best comic book film ever and how refreshing Pepper Potts was as a heroine. What I had forgotten was that Jon Favreau had given us the verging on atrocious Zathura and that when people said Pepper was a decent heroine they meant as long as you only compare her to Mary Jane in the Spidey films. Robert Downey Jr is always interesting and he made the film as watchable as it was. However, I felt beaten over the head with the message that arms weaponry sales are a bad thing because that seems kind of obvious.

Robin and Marian

I used to maintain that this was my favourite Audrey Hepburn film and that isn’t saying much – not much about the film anyway which is a mish-mash of broad comedic and broad dramatic elements as well as a touch of melancholy. Why were all the Merry Men Scottish? Just to match Sean’s accent? After all, we know that halfway through The Untouchables he gave up on the Irish one.

Walk the Line

This was on TV the other day so I watched it with Andy. I now have two more problems with it – his dad is too mean and June is too perfect. Reese is so damn lovable and June is too and that can’t be entirely true, can it? Walk the Line is a standard biopic with outstanding music.

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