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Heroes - season two

Andy and I struggled to the end of the second season and we won't be back for more.

Dull and, bizarrely, considering its subject matter, unimaginative with awful plotting and glaring errors in logic.

The series has managed to kill my liking for Greg Grunberg and is also responsible for the following:

  • it managed to make a decent actor (Ali Larter) struggle in an unforgiving role that stunk: Nikki/Jessica/Gina
  • it reintroduced Sylar who was hard enough work for me to care about in the first season
  • it killed off Candice in the most pathetic way considering her power
  • Irish scenes of excruciating quality
  • Caitlin and her faux Irish accent and her boring romance with Peter
  • West and his creepy stalking which, I think, we weren't supposed to find creepy
  • Claire's lack of progression as a character
  • it killed off DL (the fab Leonard Roberts)
  • it gave Peter too many powers but conveniently forgot what powers they were if the plot demanded that power not be used (e.g. to read Adam's mind, to walk through doors)
  • casting the iconic Nichelle Nichols and then not use her
  • it made Kristen Bell's character unbearable to start with
  • it did nothing with Ando when he and Hiro had such chemistry the season before
  • and I haven't even mentioned Hiro, Noah, Mohinder, Nathan and the twins

So what was I watching?

  • Stephen Tobolowsky
  • Elle in the last episode
  • Monica played by Dana Davis
  • the awesomeness of Ashley Crow as Sandra Bennet
  • Adrian Pasdar's beard
  • Cristine Rose as the chilling Angela

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