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...you people tell me that I’m good with people...

Mad Men - "New Amsterdam"

We discover why Pete was described as being good with people when we find out how well connected he is on his mother's side. Is he a bit dim as well as ambitious? He failed at both attempts to be in control. I think this series is about the struggle that men and women face in a world of changing gender expectations. The fact that Pete's importance comes via his mother is continued through to his wife getting her own way. He thinks he should be the boss but he isn't.

Don's boss looked like Colonel Saunders.

The scenes between Betty and Glen, Helen's son, were creepy and sad. I'm not sure she should have given him the lock of hair because that seems inappropriately encouraging.

I have decided that January Jones is not a smoker.

This series feels like reading a novel or watching a (really long) film. I have no idea how much is made up on the fly and how much is pre-planned.

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