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What is Google's problem with women?

After a dismal experience reading a literary novel (The Blue Flower by Penelope Fitzgerald) it was a real pleasure to turn to Affinity by Sarah Waters. (Actually, pleasure is not quite the right word...).

I came across the reference to Tennyson's charming and by no means unusual view of women as being either pure good or pure evil. I decided to look it up using my search engine of choice, Google, and once again, Google's "Did you mean:" turns up an insulting suggestion.

I put in the words women heaven hell tennyson and Google said Did you mean: when heaven hell tennyson.

This goes nicely with the previous time that Google did this to me. I put in "They are afraid women will laugh at them.", it said Did you mean: "They are afraid when will laugh at them."

No, I did not flipping mean when. When I type in women, I really, really, really expect to get results with the word women contained within. Seriously, why the fuck would I be expecting when? Just why?

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