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Mad Men - "The Benefactor"

Oh dear, that was hard work. Don Draper is a bastard. I didn't like him at all at any time in this episode. His use of sexual violence was horrible no matter how horrible she was and I'm dismayed that some commentators think it was actually hot. It was also implausible. Where were they? It was a public place where anybody at any time could have interrupted them. Ach.


I like Harry's story. I liked that he opened Ken's wage slip. I liked his understanding of how to use tv programmes to advertise to certain groups. I liked his relationship with his wife. I liked that they have worked through his infidelity and have moved on. I liked his inability to drive a hard bargain but still came out a winner. I liked his scene with Sal. I liked Harry's story.

Otherwise, I DISLIKED everything else except Betty's response to the accusation that she was profoundly sad.

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