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Mad Men - "The New Girl" (Robin Veith)

Mad Men - The New Girl - Peggy and Bobbie

  • Bobbie was bearable which I attribute to the character being portrayed as less sexual predator and more rounded person
  • Melinda McGraw who plays Bobbie has a resemblance to noughties Madonna
  • I was confused by the timeline because I assumed that Bobbie was just staying with Peggy for the day and not until her black eye diminished
  • Peggy's flashbacks were welcome particularly since they ultimately led to my favourite moment of S2 so far when Peggy called Don "Don"
  • Betty's "because we love him" answer to Sally's question about Don's salt intake was really poignant
  • Pete is just about a complete ass: hee-hawing about his viable sperm and just completely forgetting about his wife's feelings
  • he redeemed himself by not storming out but stopping himself to actually listen to Trudy
  • I'm not sure what to make of Don's new secretary but I do miss sweet, kind useless Lois
  • I was most pleased to see Rachel because it closes a door in Don's life
  • I do wish her husband was as good-looking as Don because I don't want to think of her as settling for second best via pop culture's shorthand that ordinary looking people are mundane individuals (hello, Susan Boyle)

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