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Dollhouse - "Omega" (Tim Minear)

Dollhouse - Omega - Caroline in Wendy's body

Whatever you say about Dollhouse (and I did) it was certainly different from the average TV show. I think it failed for approximately half the time. Some episodes were terrible. Others were amazing and "A Spy in the House of Love” was one of the best episodes that Joss Whedon has ever produced.

This was an episode chock full of exciting incidents and yet it still managed to be unsatisfactory.

(Poor Dollhouse. No other show I watch is burdened with such scrutiny because even my notes on Buffy, Angel and Mad Men are just reactions rather than criticism. Admittedly that is my style. I’m not analytical enough to get into the substance of a show. That’s what other people are for.)

Omega - Caroline joins the Dollhouse and Adelle

I liked:

  • The performances which, as usual, were on the nose from my favourite cast members. The others were even okay. I think Eliza is perfectly serviceable as Echo. She wasn’t outstanding but she was watchable enough which is fine when you aren’t carrying the whole show on your shoulders. I think that is one of the reasons why Bionic Woman failed, as much as I like Michelle Ryan, she wasn’t strong enough to carry the show (despite being the Bionic Woman, ha ha) and the supporting cast weren’t strong or interesting enough either (maybe they should have promoted Molly Price to joint lead).
  • The asking of the question of whether good and evil is innate or, if evolved, then indelible once it’s in your personality (or soul or whatever).
  • The Topher and Whisky interactions near the end were mysterious and intriguing.

Dollhouse - Omega - Whiskey and Victor

I didn’t like (and this list is longer):

  • The abrupt escape of Alpha and the lack of November and Sierra as bounty hunters (*these important scenes were cut for time).
  • The freedom granted to Madeleine. If she has been given back her original personality surely she is still grieving for her child? What was that closure she had back in “Needs”?  Why was she dressed as a frump? I’ll miss Miracle Laurie. I do wonder what she will get cast in next.
  • The eye gouging and the torture scene were too graphic for my taste and really rather unnecessarily lengthy.
  • Dr Saunders telling Victor he was ugly which is such nonsense and really hurtful.
  • The fight between Alpha and Echo wasn't exciting enough. Whatever else there is to say about Tahmoh Penikett, he knows how to fight.
  • Echo knocking off the "wedge" wasn't handled well. It just looked silly. Though Paul saving Caroline that way was hilarious.
  • The fact that the whole series revolved around the fact that Alpha thought Echo was hotter than Whiskey.
  • That Alpha was sinister at all times even when he was a doll (I do understand he was gaining self-awareness but he was creepy the whole time).

Dollhouse - Omega - final scene - Echo

I didn't mind:

  • Paul joining the Dollhouse because that may make no sense now but it will in the future. Won't it?
  • That we got no further information about Caroline's past. Something has to be saved for S2.

Dollhouse - Omega - Sierra and November in a publicity shot for a cut scene

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