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Looks like Connor's gonna need someone who cares, like a big sister, or a...Mrs Robinson, if that's what he's into

Angel - "Ground State" (Mere Smith)


I thought after viewing this that I had quite enjoyed it as a whole but when I put together a list of pluses and minuses I realised that what I had enjoyed was Gwen: one of the more memorable guest stars.


  • too little Cordelia
  • I like Amy Acker in Dollhouse but in Angel she is distractingly thin and she plays an annoying character even when she isn't whining at/to Gunn
  • the flip chart scene
  • there is zero chemistry between Fred and Gunn
  • Wesley and Lilah talking and loving at the same time was icky
  • the weird decision to set Angel and Wesley's important conversation right next to some noisy machinery
  • Dinza asking Angel about whether he misses the sound of waves because why would he when he was at the bottom of the ocean?



  • it's nice to see a man going down on a woman in mainstream television
  • I'm glad they revealed that Lilah did know what Wesley was up to
  • Gwen
  • David Boreanaz's performance was thoroughly likeable throughout


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