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I thought you can talk anyone into anything

Mad Men - "Six Month Leave" (Andre Jacquemetton & Maria Jacquemetton and Matthew Weiner)

Mad Men - six month leave - mona and roger

The Mad Men crew are knocking out one excellent episode after another. After the iffy "I'm not sure I want to watch this any more" "The Benefactor" the series has just got better and better. Consequently we are now on a MM marathon weekend and I'll be trying to produce short practically pointless observations.

When Roger touched Jane on the back I shuddered. He really is the creepiest creep and his wife should be glad he's leaving her. John Slattery plays him brilliantly.

I'm glad they had Don admit to Roger about relieved about his freedom. Betty has no-one to talk to at the moment. She could talk to Clara but there is too much of a class and racial gap for that to happen.

Freddie Rumsden's alcoholism was tremendously sad. Nobody knew how to deal with it effectively or even, in some cases, seriously. Freddie is finished because without his work he's dead. Peggy's outrage over the Rumsden incident is misplaced. Something had to be done but perhaps six months' leave isn't quite the right answer.

Betty's manipulation of Sarah Beth and Arthur was sneaky. Manipulation seems the wrong word to use in regard to Betty who doesn't seem to think through things but rather acts instinctively. I think Betty's journey this season will involve a change from reacting to things to taking charge (oops, I'm getting ahead of myself).

Don and Betty just don't know how to communicate with each other and it's painful to watch.

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