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Warren killed Tara. I didn't do it. And he was aiming for Buffy anyway.

Never Leave Me (Drew Goddard)

Andrew can't help himself by mentioning Patrick Swayze. Tom Lenk is excellent as Andrew, by the way. It's a pity that Andrew is a character I have little time for. Or that I think I have little time for although time will tell if I revise that opinion.

Tying a super strong vampire to a chair was always a good idea, I don't think.

Are all American butcher shops like that? Super busy and with a ticketing system?

I love that Andrew is terrified of Willow and how she plays up to that. It's a nice contrast with Willow's attempt at being mean in "Doppelgangland". This Willow knows how to be scary but still adds an "ok?"

never leave me - Willow and Andrew

I have reached a stage where I plain cringe when women hit men (because, obviously, I already cringe when men hit women!) and so I didn't enjoy Xander and Anya's good cop, bad cop routine.

Spike in shackles. The imagery is complete.

never leave me - Spike

Eye roll: "You like men who hurt you". Buffy denies this, thank goodness.

What the hell was that with Principal Wood and Jonathan's body?

Duh, duh, duh, Buffy has sussed it; it's the First.

I know Buffy is low budget but that Watchers' Council explosion is pretty awful stuff.

never leave me - explosion

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