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I am quite taken with Vanessa Engle's work. Her series Jews was fascinating and insightful and understated. She lets her subjects do the talking while she asks seemingly innocuous questions off-screen.

Her earlier series Lefties featured a programme devoted to radical feminists ("Angry Wimmin") like Julie Bindel and Sheila Jeffreys. I liked it a lot. I could understand some of the rather extreme attitudes from a time when the Yorkshire Ripper was abroad and women were being asked to stay off the streets while men were not, even though no woman was perpetrating the crimes.

Anyway, I rather excited that Vanessa Engle is revisiting the subject of feminism in a new series for my favourite TV channel, BBC Four. The series is called Women and there is more information here.

In addition, I am also excited to think of Helena Bonham Carter playing Enid Blyton and Jane Horrocks playing Gracie Fields.

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