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Mad Men - "My Old Kentucky Home" (Dahvi Waller & Matthew Weiner)

Mad Men s03 e03 - Pete and trudy

I adored Pete and Trudy dancing and not just because I love VK so much. It was exhilarating and so much fun to watch. Everyone at Roger and Jane's do should have enjoy that display. Whee.

mad men s03 e03 - peggy smoking

“I’m Peggy Olson. I wanna smoke some marijuana.” Hee. I liked Peggy's secretary although she has been introduced a little abruptly and didn't seem particularly believable but through her interactions with Peggy we got a lot of Peggy goodness: "Don't worry about me. I am going to get to do everything you want for me. I am going to be fine, Olive, I really am."

Elisabeth Moss is playing Peggy to perfection and she is propelling her character to the top of my list now that Betty has become so boring. I was really invested in her in S2 but after 3 episodes of this season it really does feel like nothing has happened (an accusation often used against Mad Men) and I am losing interest.

Additionally, I find the whole Draper household generally depressing. Sally and her grandfather give me the creeps, her thieving is unpleasant, and Don is, well, Don. His comment to Roger about looking foolish was interesting since Don may behave foolishly (often) but never looks it. (Unlike in 30 Rock where the Hamm was splendid. He really is a good actor and even manages to look older as Don...)

I was wondering how Roger could afford a fancy country club event (what with the divorce and his daughter's wedding) but Andy reminded me that he had pocketed 1/2 million at the end of S2. Do you think Don has told Betty that they too are rich?

Other highlights include Joan shutting up her nasty husband ("Then you should stop talking.") and Christina Hendricks playing the accordion. And Alison Brie is really sweet as Trudy. Paul is insufferable. I like Smitty.

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