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Every time, they make it so real.

Dollhouse - Instinct - Miracle Laurie - grey eyes

Dollhouse - "Instinct" (Michele Fazekas & Tara Butters)

This has to be one of the daftest premises for an episode of anything. Just how long was Echo going to be Jack's mother? Until his father had got over his wife's death? And then how long was Jack going to take to get over his mummy's disappearance? Furthermore, how could Mr Jordan afford two dolls?

Perhaps the most unbelievable thing in the episode is that the police believed her.

And Topher ain't that much of a genius. Apparently, hormones and massaging can induce breast milk in women who have not been mothers. And based on my own instinct, I say nonsense to anything called a maternal instinct and, particularly, on the notion that it overrides anything else. Eliza was once again good though.

I adore Olivia Williams. She is the Pete* of this show. Her character can do anything and I still love her. I loved the scene between her and (as we need to refer to her now) Madeline where she made me laugh just by swigging tea.

Dollhouse - Instinct - Olivia Williams as Adelle drinking tea

It was lovely to see Miracle Laurie who looked absolutely magnificent. Madeline may not be sad any more but there is definitely something missing: she felt a little flat, almost soulless.

Accents are funny things: Sierra sounded authentically American to me while Alexei Denisof sounded fake.

And is this the first episode in which Echo doesn't get hit?

*yikes, I spoke too soon...

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