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30 Days of Buffy: Day 4

Day 4: Favourite Female Character

Straight to the point: I had started to write a load of whinging about Tara's treatment on the show and a lot of whining about how much I didn't like Willow (and her hair) in S7 but I realised I said it all before, possibly better and certainly not worse.

So my favourite character is Willow and one of the reasons is her choice of partners (pre S7 anyway) but there are other reasons (look back over my musings and see) and she had an amazing arc - not all of it was well executed but in terms of her character development it was plausible.

And she had three lines that are total classics: "Bored now", "Lunchtime be damned" and "And I think I'm kinda gay".

Here are stills of Willow from episode 10 of each season:

I do love Tara. And if that had been the question that would have been the answer.

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