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30 Days of Buffy: Day 5

Day 5: Least Favourite Female Character

I am reluctant to go for an obvious choice for least favourite female character partly because Andy reckons it's because I can't accept that Willow moved on. However, who is there I could choose?

Because I like Buffy. I like Willow. I like Cordelia. I like Joyce. I like Jenny. I like Drusilla. I like Kendra. I like Faith. I like Anya. I like Tara. I like Dawn. I like Glory. I don't care one way or the other about Darla. I don't care one way or another about Harmony. But when I started watching S7, then I'm sad to say that a certain dread began to come over me as the Potentials were introduced. Was Molly going to mangle an English accent? Was Kennedy going to invade somebody's personal space? Was Rona going to be unnecessarily brusque? Was Vi going to wear that hat and say something nervously? Was Amanda going to...? Er, no, actually I like Amanda.

So I appear to have focused on the Potentials as my least favourite female characters and I'm going to pick one. And it's the obvious choice. Obviously. And in the words of the Master himself this is why:

Kennedy is, as she herself said, a bit of a brat. What I wanted was an anti-Tara. I wanted somebody who was as different from Tara as possible. Tara was very reticent, and she was somebody that Willow caused to blossom. What I wanted was somebody who was further on down in dealing with her sexuality than Willow ever was. Somebody who was totally confident, who was totally not earthy-crunchy, who was a completely different person.

Joss Whedon 23/06/03 (this interview is very interesting - it's here that he talks about the fabulous tear-jerker of a story he had for Tara that Amber just didn't want to do)

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