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Sherlock: A Study in Pink - some notes

I loved this.

Benedict Cumberbatch was instantly and charismatically just right as Holmes while Martin Freeman quietly became perfect as heroic Watson.
Three caveats:

  • The bit about the wedding ring sounded like nonsense to me. Wedding rings are generally made from gold which doesn't tarnish and they clean themselves every time you wash your hands.
  • Phil Davis's turn as the sinister taxi driver didn't work for me partly because the concept reminded me too much of the way that serial rapist Warboys operated. I also felt that he was a little actorly (is that a nice way of saying hammy?).
  • Unfortunately a taxi driver being a villain was totally obvious from the second victim.

However, none of these stopped me from enjoying it tremendously, For example, Mark Gatiss was perfection as Mycroft while his assistant was great too. Her blankness at meeting Watson again and his resigned reaction was just one of the very many hilarious things about the programme.

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