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Who is Don Draper?

Mad Men "Public Relations"

The opening line of the show asked "who is Don Draper?" and I'm pretty close to not caring. I'm beginning to feel like one of those people who watch Buffy for anybody other than the title character. Don is the lead and I don't like him. Almost nothing about him is pleasant, not even his face which looked older and flabbier. His lifestyle is catching up with him and it is skeevy.

Betty looked like Margaret Thatcher with her helmet hair, pearls and matronly dresses.

There was yet another Don and Peggy conversation in his office. Her manner has changed, she has more confidence and called Don "spiteful" which seems about right.

Why is Betty still living in the house she had with Don? Is this believable or is it just to create tension (and to make all the Betty haters feel even more justified)?

Overall, the episode didn't appeal to me. I can't really remember that much of it i.e. there was nothing outstanding.

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