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30 Days of Buffy: Day 29

Day 29: Episode You Hate That Everyone Else Loves

I know that I am Ms over-sensitive at times but the use of the word hate when dislike is the word required bugs me. The overuse of misogyny when sexism would be a good enough word is also galling because it robs the m word of its true meaning and power.

Anyway, back to my list of Buffy episodes and I'll look for a top twenty episode because I can't imagine not liking anything from the top ten. Stop. I'm going to cheat myself and go for a top thirty episode because I have just spied "The Prom" at #25. (I'm almost tempted to go for #33 because that's "Amends" and that's pretty close to matching "The Prom").

This is all a bit stream of consciousness and since I have just read my old comments about these episodes I'm going to call it a tie.

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