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Sherlock: The Blind Banker – some notes

If this had been the first one, would have I watched the second? The answer is no.

It made no sense (why the graffiti? why were these Chinese people using A to Zs? why was that Chinese circus act so poorly attended?), it was nonsensical (the doctor who whacked somebody on the head made no attempt to overturn her chair when her life depended on it and even Holmes never thought of knocking her over) and it failed to update 19th century attitudes into something less, um, stereotyped.

The doctor must have fancied Watson a lot to put up with him falling asleep at work when sick people needed to see him and with him yelling he wanted to get off with her in a desperate sort of way.

The two leads are still fine in their roles but Sherlock needs to stop treating that mortuary woman like shit.

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