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30 Days of Buffy: Day 30

Day 30 - What you think made Buffy so great?

Well, it could be Joss Whedon who created it and wrote the majority of my favourite episodes.

Or it could be because it was funny, serious, silly, sexy, annoying, clever, frivolous, exciting, thoughtful, thought provoking and other such things.

It could be because the cast was great most especially Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Or it could be because of Buffy, Joyce, Cordelia, Willow, Amy, Harmony, Jenny, Kendra, Drusilla, Faith, Anya, Maggie Walsh, Halfrek, Tara, Dawn, Glory, Kennedy, and many more. A host of varied and interesting women, that's what made Buffy the Vampire Slayer so great.

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