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Mad Men - "The Rejected"

What a cracking episode of Mad Men. It was most satisfying and had me directing two thumbs up towards Allison in her tremendous confrontation with Don ("I don't say this easily but you are not a good person").

It had absolutely everything from the ensemble cast including fabulous dialogue, hilarious scenes, heartbreaking scenes and great character moments.

Loved Joyce ("sweetheart") and loved her even more when I found out she was Lindsay Crouse's daughter (Zosia Mamet). Her scenes were very funny and managed to make Peggy less awful than usual because her scene with Allison was spot on in showing her cluelessness with people.

The scene as Peggy and Pete's eyes meet each other as they both acknowledge they are truly happy going their separate ways was lovely. Pete is comfortable and very successful as part of the old guard while Peggy is looking for fun and excitement with the bright young people of the future.


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