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Welcome to the Hellmouth

We are watching Buffy again thanks to Nikki Stafford. And although my take is distinctly superficial (with an occasional insight), other people's observations are amazingly detailed and deep and time worthy.


Giles's first appearance is rather campy and I love the way he drops the Vampyr volume on the counter: he is so excited to see Buffy.
Angel wears a shiny jacket and did I detect a whisper of an Irish accent?
Willow is cute wiping water from her face after drinking from a fountain. She wears her first awful outfit in the Bronze: that is a very furry cardy she has on.
The acting is variable: all of them are a long way from comfortable but you can see sparks coming from Sarah Michelle Gellar particularly when she tells Giles she is not interested in his Vampyr book and all that goes with it and when she speaks to him after the boy is found.
I like Principal Bob Flutie trying to stick Buffy's transcript back together.
I do like Cordelia but it is a shame that Charisma Carpenter wasn't really young enough looking to play the role. They soon forget that she's a teenager once she gets to Los Angeles.
Probably my favourite bit is:

Buffy: Uh. Hi! Willow? Right?
Willow: Why? I mean, hi!

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