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Apparently this is called "Witch" and not "The Witch", well, well.

Despite not knowing its true title for so long, nevertheless this is definitely one of my favourite S1/S2 episodes: an excellent MOTW episode. However, the weakness of episodic series is exposed when you consider that not one character mentions Jesse. Willow and Xander's best friend is forgotten that quickly?

Anyway, I love the fakeout telling off that Giles gave Buffy in her cheerleader uniform. Perky Buffy singing "Macho Man" is a Buffy highlight.

Buffy comes extremely close to death and Giles truly watches out for her though I can hardly believe it's his "first casting". The show's early days are a bit off as regards future developments.

Buffy is rocking the retro look here. I like Amy's trousers and I like her dialogue ("Well, I know that I'll miss the intellectual thrill of spelling out words with my arms".) Poor Amy was such an attractive character until she became a rat.



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