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When She Was Bad

How do you follow up a superb S1 finale and kick off the new season? The answer is not very well. This has classic dialogue (one of the best lines ever "It's entirely pointy!"), a literally sweet scene with Willow and Xander at the beginning of the programme, one of Buffy's best dreams (astute viewers will spot the wrong snacks being eaten by Xander and Willow), a great Cordelia and Buffy scene, Principal Snyder being all Principal Snydery, and the cast is strung up like pigs but it doesn't hang together.

The dirty dancing with Xander is plain icky and a not a little pervy, Mr Whedon, and the plot doesn't work; it's just unsatisfactory.

However, Adam predicted that Andy and I had smiles on our face at the conclusion of the episode and, of course, he was right.


Rewind (quite a thoughtful review I think)

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