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Lie To Me

I had ever really thought much of this episode (as a whole) before but this time I was gripped.

The scene when Angel tells Buffy about his relationship with Drusilla was well written and acted but was marred by the choice to shoot SMG (wearing an unflattering off the shoulder top) from an high angle. I mean, look!


Buffy misses another chance to kill Spike and Drusilla when she (and the others) fail to take advantage of the fact that they ARE TRAPPED IN A BOMB SHELTER and, as such, are sitting ducks.

Still, it's a pretty solid episode. It has a Divinyls reference and begins the story of Anne: I love that she returns. I like it when Angel visits Willow in her room. He looks rather scrummy with a more Goth like look than usual.

Finally: “What? Whating a what?”


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