Let's Fold Scarves

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This is a fabulous standalone episode (edit: this is exactly what I said in 2006 though I didn't like Buffy as the damsel - oh well, I can be wrong). It doesn't really advance the overall story by much (except for a hint or two that Cordelia is softening towards Xander) but I think it could be enjoyed by any newbie. It has a clear set-up: Xander feels emasculated, Willow needs to get assertive and Buffy thinks she knows what kind of woman that Angel prefers. It is funny throughout: just watch it and see.

It is full of cracking dialogue including one of my favourite clever lines: "Who died and made her the boss?" I also adore the Xena line and the way Seth Green says "you're like a great big cat" is oddly hilarious.

I do like what Cordelia is wearing here:



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