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Reptile Boy

I really hate the main storyline. I know that unpleasant frat boys and the torture and humiliation of others is a staple of horror but I don't like watching it.

I do like the gang watching a Bollywood film; Cordelia's fake laugh; Buffy besting Giles in combat and in pouting; Willow apparent jealousy of Buffy going out with Cordelia; Willow having a go at Giles and Angel; and this exchange:

Buffy: I told one lie, I had one drink.

Giles: Yes, and you were very nearly devoured by a giant demon snake.

Why does Buffy want to die when Angel kisses her? Why doesn't this romance do anything for me at this point in the series? Why do I cringe every time Willow asks Buffy about her love life?



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