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Inca Mummy Girl


Well, I like Oz but I like Tara. But which is better? Oz or Tara? There's only one way to find out...

Tara is the reason I love Buffy but that doesn't mean I can't like the character of Oz. He was so cool. And he had taste.

I've always liked this episode. I think Ampata's situation is heartbreaking. The urge to live again when your life had been curtailed unjustly is a powerful one.

I like the explanation for Ampata's good English. I also like my family's explanation for the appearance of a z-bed for Ampata in Buffy's room (but was Buffy really going to share her room with a boy?): although it is later shown that the Summers live in a three bedroomed house since Dawn has a room of her own, however, just like Dawn the bedroom doesn't exist yet so a z-bed is required in this reality's two bedroomed house.

Willow's hats may make their first appearance but here she is as the cutest Scooby:



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