Let's Fold Scarves

It's what I am.

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I love everything Buffy-related in this episode. The stuff with the other Scoobies was irritating: why didn't just tell Cordelia that Xander missed her? The tiny scene between Joyce and Giles was deliciously fraught: that woman should be rightfully furious.

I love what happens to Buffy over the course of the programme: she can't help but do the right thing and when she she does it is magnificent: starting with the offhand reply to the nurse's question  ("Breaking into your office and going through your private files") to wielding that hunga munga in one the best fight sequences so far in Buffy.

However, it is Sister Sunshine/Chanterelle/Lily/Anne who makes me tearful. She is so pathetic but there are glimmers of inner strength notably when she pushes Ken-demon off the ledge and knowing she later administrates a shelter for the homeless (in Angel) it is good to see just how much good Buffy does despite her mistakes.



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