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The Company of Wolves (1984)

This may be the first 18 certificate film I saw at the cinema. I wonder at what cinema I saw it but I can't remember that because it was nearly thirty years ago. It's remarkable just how much I recalled despite not seeing it since. It's clear that the film meant more to me then than it does now, after all I was closer to adolescence way back then, because rewatching it was disappointing. It is very well made, the acting effective, the atmosphere creepy, the effects are great, the dogs/wolves are mostly believeable but the themes just didn't resonate in the same way.

The part that remembered most clearly was the transformation of Stephen Rea's character from man to wolf. It was the most gruesome and repulsive things I had ever seen on screen. And it remains one of the most gruesome and repulsive things I have ever seen too, partly because it scarred me for life and I avoid gore wherever possible, and partly because it is revolting.

Sarah Patterson made two films in the early 80s before she presumably furthered her education. She has appeared in a couple of films in the noughties directed by Lisa Gornick and here she is as a photographer in Tick Tock Lullaby:

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