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Graduation Day Part 2

I am surprised to say this but I'm relieved that this season is over. The Buffy Angel romance did absolutely nothing for me - and is responsible for the sappiest BtVS moments ever. And sap has to be Brief Encounter brilliant for me to care. Obviously it is still great television with some of the best episodes of the entire seven seasons ("The Wish", "Doppelgangland") as well as a host of fantastic moments.

I don't have any problem with the ropey CGI. Growing up on Doctor Who makes me immune to that sort of thing, really. After all, having awesome effects is pointless if your script is written by James Cameron.

Cor blimey, lor love a duck, I do hate it when Buffy ventures into British/English stereotypes - it is always excruciating - from this side of the pond anyway. Though that does remind me - Alexis Denisof's accent is excellent.

Lovely, lovely single shot in the hospital involving the mayor, Angel and comatose Buffy and Faith.

I hate Xander so much when he is both judgemental and wrong. And I don't really get it either. Why is he written like that? Why don't Willow or Oz say something in Angel's defence? After all they know that he wasn't in a position to "save his own ass". It's just annoying.

The Buffy/Faith dream is cool. I like Joss's dreams.

"Scream like a woman." Joss? Why? Why? Why? Why give this line to a woman who knows how strong women can be? A woman who knows how weak men can be. It's horrible and inappropriate for BtVS.

General Buffy and Angel annoyance: why does Angel not fight all the time vamped out? - particularly when all the other vampires do - and particularly when the minion vampires are always vamped out even when they are not fighting. I know the practical answer but the show should have a reason too.

Talking of minions, the mayor's vampires are paltry and uninteresting. I miss Mr Trick.

The final showdown must have looked great on paper but, in reality, with the exception of Snyder getting it, it was an bit anti-climatic. Funny that the end of part one with just the two characters was much more exciting than part two's cast of dozens.

Roll on season 4 and Spike and Tara!


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