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A walk around Walthamstow

I travelled across London to get my haircut. In order to justify this I went for a walk around Walthamstow with a diversion to Chingford.

Many years ago I went on a work's night out at Walthamstow dogs. I'm not sure I'm that happy about the idea of greyhound racing now but then it was a fun night out. I'm glad they aren't knocking it all down and I suspect the replacement is more unaffordable housing.

Walthamstow Stadium

Talking of Art Deco, Walthamstow Town Hall is a fine example (and it is massive).

Walthamstow Town Hall

I was intrigued by these handprints on a mirrored window at the nearby magistrates' court.

Hand prints

I caught a bus to Chingford (first things that come to mind when I think of Chingford is Norman Tebbit and Birds of a Feather). I got off at the station and the first thing I saw was Epping Forest (and a golf course). It is odd to see this view in London.

Epping Forest

I went back to Walthamstow and saw the three best ghost signs I've seen in ages all around the St James Street area.

Ghost signGhost signGhost sign

And after I ate the most delicious fast food that I have had in ages (totally fresh gözleme from the Yildrim Bakery) standing on the platform at St James Street station looking at a ruined pub:

80 Brunner Road

I took a self portrait to show off my grey hair and my great new haircut by Claire.

Self portrait

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