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The Farmer's Wife (1928)

[caption width="636" align="aligncenter"] I wonder if this film was based on a play?[/caption]The Farmer's Wife is the first film in this chronological viewing of Hitchcock films that I can say that I have wholeheartedly enjoyed on its own merits. The exception may be The Lodger but it is hard to be sure how I feel about it as a film since it is so familiar. I think it helped that The Farmer's Wife was based on a play so it already had a strong story with well-drawn characters. I thought it was very funny with some splendid performances. I have really enjoyed the two performances I have seen from Lillian Hall-Davis and it makes me sad even over eighty years later thinking of her tragic end.  

[caption width="636" align="aligncenter"] The unexpected ending[/caption]

Appearance by a cat or dog: two spaniels/pack of hounds/plus various farmyard animals

Transport: horses (notably a piebald one)/pony and trap

Source: The Early Hitchcock Collection (Optimum Releasing)

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