Oh for the days when I wasn't spoiled for Buffy because back then Jenny's death was a genuine shock. Unlike Joyce's and unlike Tara's.

This is a creepy and terrifying episode although I was distracted when Adam pointed out that SMG has baby hair on her forehead.


It's not without its hilarity: the image of Willow and Buffy in their pyjamas surrounded by garlic bulbs is a classic moment.


I liked Robia LaMorte as Jenny and I liked Jenny as a character (though I'm not sure why she was buried in Sunnydale and under a pseudonym) so farewell, Janna.


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  1. Ty King is better known as David Tyrone King; he was the show-runner on the first TV version of Parenthood, where Joss worked under him. He was already semi-retired when Joss called him in to help out on S2.

    He did in fact write almost all of the episode (comparing the shooting script to the transcript, we see that Angel’s monologues were tweaked at the last minute, and that was probably Joss). One way you can tell is that he does a call-back to Cordelia having given Angel a ride in her car in “Some Assembly Required”; when writers reference a trivial plot point from an earlier episode, it’s usually one of their own, because that’s what the writer has the best recall of. David Fury gave us “Anya is afraid of bunnies” as a once-off in “Fear, Itself” and then, over a year later, stuck for a joke in “Shadow”, he used the bunnyphobia again, and it was only after that the bunnyphobia jokes bred like rabbits. Jane Espenson has Dawn get pizza sauce on Buffy’s top in “Conversations with Dead Plotpoints” and then she references it in “First Date”. And so on.

    IMO, the most beautifully nuanced scene in the episode almost never gets mentioned. It’s the conversation between Buffy and Jenny in Act 2. “And I don’t want him to be lonely. I don’t want anyone to.” Amid all the tension, Buffy semi-forgives the woman she’s been using as a scapegoat to hide from her own feelings of guilt over Angel’s de-souling, despite the fact she has no way of knowing that Jenny will be dead before the next commercial break. As far as Buffy knows, Giles and Jenny will reconcile and get married and live happily ever after and Buffy will spend **years** watching them and visiting them and playing with their kids…and being reminded of what she and Angel could never have. And still, she forgives, knowing that Giles’s happiness shouldn’t be sacrificed for her own misery, knowing that the loneliness she is feeling is something she shouldn’t wish on even the woman she is trying to blame. Just beautiful. (And wonderful reactions from Robia, too.)

    Buffy/Jenny is one of the more overlooked dynamics of the show, IMO. There should have been more scenes between them, and (as is evident from your “Innocence” screen-cap) there should definitely be more slashfic. ;)

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