Becoming Part II

This is awesome – just chock full of great stuff – Spike switches sides, Joyce finds out, Spike and Joyce sit in silence, Giles gets tortured, Giles gets tricked, Willow gets magical, Xander lets Willow down, there is a great sword fight, Buffy stops a sword, and Buffy sends her be-souled boyfriend to Hell which makes her one of the bravest heroes ever.


One thought on “Becoming Part II

  1. You forgot the epically-awesome teaser, which foreshadows Buffy’s decision at the end, and the “awwww!”-worthy scene at Willow’s bedside. (Cordelia is guilt-tripping about running away. Cordelia! That’s my beautiful character-growing Cordy, before they undo all next year so they can re-do it on the spinoff.)

    And Xander does exactly the right thing by shutting up about the spell. We saw exactly how useful Buffy the Tap-dancing “Hurry up with that spell, Will!” Staller was last episode; for all Xander knows, Willow is going to pass out from the exertion and never complete the spell at all. Help Buffy out, don’t distract her.

    The Whistler scenes suck and I really don’t find Spike/Joyce funny at all (I keep wanting to get back to Buffy on the phone with Willow, and if Joyce is so angry that she explodes the way she does shortly afterwards, I really doubt she’d just sit around so casually), but still one of the show’s top 5 episodes.

    Bye, Angel! Have fun in Hell!!! :D

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