The Wish

I am surprised to realise that with the notable exception of “Lovers Walk” and this, that season 3 has been a drag. The thought of watching “Amends” next is hardly cheering me up either. I don’t remember it being like this. I actually thought it was one of my favourite seasons. I remember more Faith and more of the Mayor, I remember less Angel, I remember it being more entertaining.

“The Wish”, however, is excellent. I was excited to see Emma Caulfield’s name because I appreciated the consistent high standards she gave to the role of Anya over the next four seasons.

The alternate universe is dark and disturbing though I doubt just how satisfactory vampires would find factory farming their food supply. Whatever, the whole episode pays off with a gut-wrenching scene where all our heroes get killed or kill the one they love in the “real” universe. Buffy getting her broken neck is just awful, horrible. And earlier, Cordelia’s demise is equally shocking, and something unexpected because it is her wish we are seeing.


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  1. DAngelus says:

    Shocking…but damn sexy, too.

    Vamp Xander is a better Spike than Spike. Callously thuggish, but not such a twerp. His watching Willow torture Angel is just so right.

    Cordelia’s “why do I get bitten by snakes?” is Marti Noxon doing a callback to her own episode, (“I Only Have Eyes For You”),, the sort of thing I discussed before.

    Heinrich Joseph Nest, now 2-for-2 in the “killing Buffy” accounts. Well done, Master.

    Wow, look how easily Anya fits in at Sunnydale High and can manipulate Cordelia! It’s almost is if she knows the rules of social interaction and how to modulate herself to get her desired response! Funny, I thought she was some One-Joke Capitalistic Ass-Clown who just couldn’t help blurting out whatever was on her mind. Huh.

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