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Y: The Last Man by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra

I’ve read up to #35 (the last part of Girl on Girl) and I admit it’s been a fascinating if uneven ride. It almost lost me in #3 when a bunch of squabbling female politicians are shown their place by a man but I’m glad I persisted. BVK is an excellent writer and he tells a story very cleanly. Pia Guerra’s artwork matches this but I look more Oriental than Dr Mann. #3 also has a blip when President Valentine’s blouse gains a collar and she gets a new hairdo over a couple of pages. I was mouthing wtf when I started reading Safeword but BVK excelled himself with its denouement.

However, some of the covers have been extraordinarily naff. There is no way I would have bought issues #2, #28, #29, #32 and #33 based on those covers. I’ll forgive #2 because she was a supermodel with I’m guessing at modified tits but the others (by Massimo Carnevale) are just maddingly sexist. #31 has Toyota with what I shall christen porn tongue while the depiction of Dr Mann and 355 on #33 is just pandering to anyone whose ears pricked up when they read the title Girl on Girl.

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