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It was like watching a dog play the piano

Mad Men - "Babylon"

So Don’s secret is that he’s from a trashy dysfunctional family. Or is it?

This was the bedroom conversation episode and I'm not really a fan of such conversations which is perhaps why Don and Rachel’s conversation was the most interesting. She needs to tell her sister that Don is funny particularly when talking to beatniks.

Don is also a big meanie. His wife tells him that she thinks about him all the time and the next night he tells her he needs to read a book instead of spending a little of his sexual energy in making her happy.

The other ad men were totally reduced to thinking with their willies in this episode and the two-way mirror scenes with the lipstick testing were borderline tacky.

Joan needs to work that considerable brain of hers and do something for the good rather than wasting it on a man who she knows is going to dump her and on bossing a lot of “chickens”. Though the final shot of Joan and Roger waiting for cabs separately was poignant (but not for him, the racist arrogant pig).

Oh, a basket of kisses! I wondered where it came from. Peggy is interesting but I’m not going to take to her until she gets a new hair style (and she does have mouse ears and they are so cute).

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