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Angel - "Spin the Bottle" (Joss Whedon)

spin the bottle - cordelia

Joss Whedon penned (and directed) episode improves Angel by 100% shocker!

Well, it is a bit of shock since "Waiting in the Wings" (the other episode so far with JW taking solo credit) wasn't that much of an improvement in quality over the rest of S3.

This was exceptional. I will never love Angel but if I was to consider rewatching an episode then, so far, this would be my choice.

It is a wacky we-have-lost-our-memories episode  like "Tabula Rasa" but I love characters behaving wackily even if I don't like the word wackily.

spin the bottle - wesley

Plus, and this is big plus, anything that makes me LIKE Fred and Wesley (who are languishing in my least favourite Whedon characters drawer alongside Topher) is automatically raised a few notches.

spin the bottle - fred

Boohoo, Wesley, I do believe the fact that "I had my throat cut and all my friends abandoned me" was entirely your fault.

I loved the way it flowed and the way it was edited so that Lorne could seamlessly tell the story.

spin the bottle - angel

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