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Not NaNoWriMo #8

I read an excellent post about gender and music magazines over at the quite frankly superb collective blog, the Anti-Room and a few music related thoughts came to mind.

If the readership of music magazines is mainly men why is this readership apparently not interested in music by women?


I complained to Word magazine several years ago about the lack of women on their front covers and their reply was that when they had put a woman on the cover (they didn’t say who it was) their sales were lower. I wasn’t really impressed with that as an answer. On a side note, if there isn’t a woman on the cover (she doesn’t even need to be the featured artist, just a mention will do), I won’t buy the magazine. I bet I have really dented their sales.


One other thing I have observed is that when a chance to feature a woman arrives, it is not taken. When Kate Bush released Aerial in 2005 (by any standards a major event), only Mojo put her on the cover. 


Last Wednesday, while making bread I listened to an hour of Huey Morgan on 6 Music and he played no female artists, today he got to the 45 minute mark until he managed to play the Staple Singers. Goodness knows, I'm not asking for silly things like gender parity but no women worth playing?

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