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Even when the actor is English, English characters always sound fake in the Buffyverse; consequently anybody from or purporting to be from the Watchers' Council automatically puts my back up. I like that the writers try to get English colloquial language right and, while Post says she's knackered in the correct context, it doesn't seem like anything her character would say.

It is a peculiar feeling when Xander is right but I don't mind because he is still pompous and obnoxious at the same time as not being wrong. There is so much lying going on at the moment, a real Scooby Gang weakness. Poor Giles.


I love Buffy, Faith and their stunt double fights so much. They look awesome together.


Rewind [I wrote a lot about this episode and I clearly cared more back then about the shenanigans going on. Now, I think I just want the soppy, soapy stuff to stop so I can enjoy great episodes like "The Wish" and "Doppelgangland".]

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