This is a mid-table mediocrity of an episode in which the mothers of Sunnydale behave badly; Amy becomes a rat (“She couldn’t do us first?” is Buffy’s rightful complaint); and Willow’s mum is very funny: we should have definitely seen more of her.

Rewind [I didn’t think much of it then either. I’m surprisingly consistent – at least so far.]

2 thoughts on “Gingerbread

  1. Jane Espenson thinks Willow is a Burden on Buffy: secret coven! Sneaky spells!
    Jane Espenson thinks Xander is an idiot: students are being hauled off by security, his best friend is panicking, and Xander’s going on about his nudie mags. Really, Jane?

    But it’s actually a scary episode for the first 3 acts (Thania St. John’s influence?) before it left-turns to comedy at the end. Willow’s scene with her mom rules, and Cordelia is awesome throughout, from annotating her insults to Buffy to pointing out Giles’s propensity for unconsciousness.

    Xander’s fear that Oz hates and Oz’s not caring is meant to a) polish Oz’s halo some more and b) make Xander look stupid, but it comes off more as c) Oz doesn’t care about Willow that much or d) Xander has a gay crush. Or, possibly, both. ;)

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