The Watchers’ Council is really rather poor. Their idea of a rite of passage doesn’t bear too much scrutiny. So hand wave, hand wave, because the mythology of Buffy is not the reason I watch it. So if we hand wave Giles’ behaviour and betrayal then we have a great story about what lengths an “ordinary” person will go to save her kidnapped mother. Sarah Michelle Gellar is excellent as usual while Anthony Head is rather fine but it is Jeff Kober who has the most fun.

Rewind [Did AH have dandruff?]

2 thoughts on “Helpless

  1. Hazel, glad to see you’re still obsessing about Buffy. Did you follow Nikki Stafford’s “great Buffy rewatch” last year? I enjoyed it immensely. If there is anything better than a rewatch, it’s rewatching with people who have a similar passion for the show. I miss it again already.

    • Hi Page 48, Oh yes, still obsessing about Buffy over here. My rewatch and re-write started with Nikki Stafford but we got sort of left behind. If wasn’t for my pesky family, I would have kept up!

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